Bank nifty narrow range between Support and Resistance line . Will it break ??

As Discussed in Bank nifty entered in new time cycle, Banknifty spot has completed a one-time cycle of 356 Hours and entered into a new time cycle, which will complete on 28 Feb 2019, 10:00 
Bank nifty continuous following support and resistance line of each home. Banknifty is in Home 1 now, Redline is Resistance and the yellow line is Support. Price will move between both of this support and resistance line. If it breaks anyone of this line, then shift in next home, which is 2 or 4. It is very interesting to see which one will next home.

Bank Nifty 1 Hour Chart :

Banknify 1 Hour chart as on 14 Feb 2019 EOD
Banknify 1 Hour chart as on 14 Feb 2019 EOD

As seen in the above One hour chart, bank nifty range bound between support and resistance line of Home no 1. 
It seems bank nifty is moving towards a narrow range of triangle tip of home 1. 

As per Vedic analysis till, 19 Feb 2019, 13:15 movement is small and range bound. It is profitable to sell option instead of buying.
Most of professionals and institutions are taking advantage of this type of narrow movement to selling options.

Important date for next week is 19 to 21 Feb. A big move may come between these dates.

Wait for new trade till breakout of support (Yellow Line) & resistance (Red line ) of Home 1. The market always gives a chance. Be patience.

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