Bank nifty 08 Feb 2019 EOD Analysis -Revert back from vedic resistance line.

As discussed in Bank Nifty weekly analysis for 08 Feb 2019 - 14 Feb 2019  & Bank Nifty vedic chart 15 min line support is now broken .Bank Nifty has broken Vedic line on the down side as seen in the chart and entered into 2nd Home. 2nd home's support and resistance yellow line is in triangle.Bank Nifty will respect the vedic line . If it will not able to close above resistance line, then fast fall towards 26450 on downside.

Banknifty Vedic  15 min chart

As per chart Bank nifty has taken resistance around 27425-27450 zone near resistance line and continous respecting vedic line.

Big move may come in next 2 days.

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