Bank nifty will touch 26450 ?

As we discussed ,  banknifty near vedic date 12 & 13 Feb 2019 the Bank Nifty has not crossed blue color registry line on the upside, now if it can not break the blue color Vedic line on 15 min chart then it can go towards 26450 immediately. 

Now the bank Nifty is in home number 2 and it is accurately respecting all the lines of home number 2, the Vedic Chart and according to vedic date, before the 13th date, it has to touch 


Next 12 and 13 Feb 2019 is a very important date. The big move may come.

If it closes above 27500 on the top side, then it can go to Next Zone. 

For the bank Nifty, it is necessary to break the  27535 on the top side and  26450 on the downside.

The retailer has advised that they do not have a long side.

Strategy  : 

Banknifty 14 Feb 2019 ,27400 CE  Sell @ 80-100  ( CMP 80)

Bank Nifty Spot 15 Min Chart as on 12 Feb 2019 EOD
Bank Nifty continuous following home no 2 resistance line and drastically fall towards 26450 .

13 Feb 2019  is important date as per vedic analysis.

If BN start to stay below 26950 on 15 min chart then next downside level is 26450.

For upper side BN need to close above 27250 on 15 min closing basis and next resistance on upper side is 27540 as seen on chart.
Blue line continuously respected as resistance line in Home 2.

Strategy : 

Banknifty 14 Feb 2019 ,27200 CE  Sell @ 60-80 ( CMP 67)

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