Will Banknifty Give Big move on Vedic Date 27 Feb 2019 ??

As we discussed in previous blog Will Banknifty take support at 26748 - 26848 ? 
We can see on 1 Hour chart banknifty is going towards support line of Home No 3.Support is in between 26748 to 26848

If support will hold then banknifty may lift towards 27543 in this week. Traders are advised do not short near the support line ( Blue colour in Home 3). If support will break then next downside level is 26450 by expiry day.

Banknifty Spot 1 Hour chart 26 Feb 2019 EOD
As seen on the chart banknifty has taken clear support on blue colour support line around 26748.

Banknifty ne Doji candle banaya he on Daily chart and 27 Feb is Vedic Date, So it is possible Big move will come in two days.

Jese chart pe dikh raha he expiry ke pas support and resistance ka dayra badh raha he . Upar me 27500 and bottom me 26800 , 26400 he.

If banknifty 27048 ke upar 15 min closing rahega to more chance to going towards 27500 by expiry.

Strategy :

Buy above 27048 for 27199,27400

Sell below 26900 for 26875, 26800

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