Will Banknifty take support at 26748 - 26848 ?

As we discussed in the previous blog,
Now as per the chart Banknifty is moving in the 3rd home. Resistance and support line will follow continuously. Three important Vedic date is over now.

For 22 February 2019,

At 10:00 am,

Resistance at 27182 yellow lines and Support at 26850 Red Line respective of time.

At 14:00 pm,

Resistance at 27242 yellow lines and Support at 26793 Red Line respective of time.

Banknifty 1 Hour Chart as on 24 Feb 2019

Banknifty 15 min Chart as on 24 Feb 2019

We can see on above 1 Hour chart banknifty is going towards support line of Home No 3.
Support is in between 26748 to 26848

If support will hold then banknifty may lift towards 27543 in this week. Traders are advised do not short near the support line ( Blue colour in Home 3). If support will break then next downside level is 26450 by expiry day.

On 15 min chart prediction of support, Time is near about 13:15 onwards.

Vedic Date for banknifty is 27 Feb 2019. A big move may come on this Date.

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