Banknifty will give Big move on Vedic turn date Date 15th March 2019 ?

BankNifty Vedic Date 15th March 2019. A big move may come around this Date.

Interpretation of Banknifty Open Interest Data:

Banknifty has a maximum Open Interest on Call side is  2.57 Lakh at Strike Price 29000  & maximum Open Interest on Put side is  2.65 Lakh at Strike Price 28800   So Upper side 29000,29100 is resistance  &  28800 ,28500 is strong support

India VIX is at 15.13 (0.98%  Down) and Weekly PCR 1.18

BankNifty closed at 28923. High made 29070 and Low 28819

Daily Candle: Bearish on the Daily Chart

Banknifty Hourly Darwas Box chart : 

Banknifty Hourly Darwas Box chart
Banknifty Hourly Darwas Box chart
Banknifty open with a gap up and made high of 29072 & rest of the day high was not broken. 

On the Daily chart, Bearish candle was made. A Bearish Doji represents supply and demand equilibrium. A Tug of war where neither the bulls nor bears are winning. One of them will win tomorrow or in the coming days, once Darwas Box limit upper side 29072 and lower 28819 will be broken.

15th March is Vedic turn date. Banknifty may give Big move on this Date. Traders are advised to keep strict stop loss. 



Buy above 29016 Target   29088  29160  29232

Sell below 28827 Target  28764  28701  28638  

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