NASDAQ Vedic number analysis for Monday 25 March - Weeklypaisa

NASDAQ Vedic number analysis:

NASDAQ Vedic number chart
NASDAQ Vedic number chart

As discussed in the previous blog, above 7776 positional targets 7740  7704  7668  is achieved in a single day. 

Next Buying Vedic number is 7668 & Selling Vedic number is 7605

Nasdaq Spot Intraday Levels for 25 March:

Nasdaq closed @ 7642.67

Buy above 7668, Target  7686 7704  7722  7740

Sell below 7632, Target 7605  7578  7551 

Nasdaq Positional Levels:

Buy above 7668 Target 7704  7740  7776  7812

Sell below 7605 Target 7578  7551  7524  7497

How to trade?

For Buy: Only Buy above Vedic Number when price breaks out Vedic number then next upper target will come. Stoploss is below Vedic number as per your risk.

For Sell: Only Sell below Vedic Number when price breaks  Vedic number then next bottom target will come. Stoploss is above Vedic number as per your risk.

Each level of Vedic price is support and resistance on 15 min chart.

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