Banknifty is ready for a big move ? Banknifty analysis for 8th April.

Banknifty Vedic Date is on 09th April. Banknifty is ready for a big move around 9th April.

Interpretation of Banknifty Open Interest Data:

Banknifty has a maximum Open Interest on weekly basis Call side is  4.94 Lakh at Strike Price 30500  Put side is  4.12 Lakh at 30000

So Upper side 30500 is resistance  &  30000 is support.

BankNifty closed at 30084 

Daily Candle: Doji on the Daily Chart. Doji is suggesting a fight between bull and bear.                                  Neither bear nor bull wins.

Banknifty 1 Hour  Vedic chart : 

Banknifty Hourly Candlestick Vedic Chart

Banknifty Hourly Candlestick Vedic Chart

As discussed, If 30000 level will break tomorrow then 29800 level will see very fast. Today we have seen 29850.

Now banknifty need to close above Vedic number 30159 on 15 min chart to go towards 30500.

9th April is the Vedic date. we may see a big move on banknifty either Monday or Tuesday. 
Whenever Vedic Number and Vedic Date coincide, the big move may happen.

Intraday Banknifty Spot levels for 8th April:

Buy above 30159 Target   30240  30330 30420 30510

Sell below 29916 Target  29835 29754 29673 29592  

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