Nasdaq Composite Vedic analysis for 4th April - Weeklypaisa

Nasdaq Vedic Number Analysis :

Nasdaq Composite Vedic analysis Daily Chart
Nasdaq Composite Vedic analysis Daily Chart

As discussed in the previous blog, on 29 March NASDAQ is entered in a new home and its resistance line is between 8019 to 7847 with respect to time of 1st April to 10th April 2019.  

It is near to target line today and touched 7938.   

Time frame: 3rd April to 10 April

Support range: 7709 to 7843 

Resistance range: 7928 to 7843

Nasdaq Spot Intraday Levels for 4th  April:

Nasdaq closed @ 7895

Buy above 7920, Target 7965 8010 8055

Sell below 7848, Target 7812  7776  7740

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