Banknifty is ready for a Big move on Vedic time frame end week 17 June-21 June

As we said in the Previous blog, Banknifty was moving around Vedic price 30960 &  below 30960 targets was 30600.

It was not able to cross 31059 and sharp fall occurs.

Now next week is very important as per Vedic Maths. 22 June is Trend change date.

17 June and 18 June is a pressure date. Big move on the card on these dates.   

Banknifty Support and Resistance
Banknifty Support and Resistance 
If banknifty is not able to close above 30690 then lower level 30240, 29592 may see.
If it stays above 30600 then 30960 and 31356 may come.

Vedic Price & Time Chart
Vedic Price & Time Chart
We can see on the chart, 21 June is Time frame ending date. New time frame will start on 22 June.
Next week is pressure week as the price is trying to catch the time.

Let's see how price behaves at the end of the Vedic time frame end week. 

Banknifty Spot Intraday for 17th June -Monday

Buy above 30690 Target 30780 30870 30960  

Sell below  30510 Target 30420 30330  30240

Nifty Spot Intraday for 17th June -Monday 

Buy above 11853  Target  11898  11943  

Sell below  11808 Target   11763  11718

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