Banknifty Next 30900 or 32100.

Nifty Bank Gann Hourly Analysis:

Nifty Bank Gann Chart
Nifty Bank Gann Chart

As discussed, Price is moving towards next Gann resistance 31257 and today achieved. 

Bank nifty spot had high of 31497 and close near 31250.

As per Gann Chart Price is near Gann line. Gann Support around 30900 & Resistance around 32100

Banknifty Spot Vedic analysis :

Banknifty Vedic Levels Chart
Banknifty Vedic Levels Chart

Nifty Bank Spot Intraday for 28th June 

Buy above  31356   Target  31455 31554 31653

Sell below  31158   Target  31059 30960 30870

Nifty Spot Intraday for 28th June 

Buy above 11853  Target  11898 11943  

Sell below  11808 Target   11763  11718

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