Banknifty NIfty50 New Time cycle start from 22 June

As discussed earlier 21st June is Time cycle end date and New cycle will start from 24th June Monday. Major Ups and down shows in last week.

Gann analysis :

Banknifty Spot Gann analysis
Banknifty Spot Hourly Gann analysis 

Banknifty has respect support at Gann Support line at 30240 & Resistance at 30690.
Above 30690 next resistance is around 31158 and support around 30420.

As per Gann theory When one Resistance or support line breaks it will move towards next resistance or support.

Vedic analysis :
Banknifty Spot Vedic Levels
Banknifty Spot Vedic Levels

Positional Vedic Levels  :

Bulls will get active above 30960  for the Target of 31158/31356/31554/31752

Bears will get active below 30600 for the target of 30420/30240/30078/29916

Banknifty Spot Intraday for 24th June 

Buy above  30780   Target  30870  30960  31059  31158

Sell below  30420   Target  30330  30240   30159  30078

Nifty Spot Intraday for 24th June 

Buy above 11763  Target  11781  11808  11826  11853

Sell below  11718 Target   11700  11682  11666  11646

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