Nasdaq Gann analysis EOD 25 June

Nasdaq Spot Gann analysis:

Nasdaq Gann analysis Daily chart
Nasdaq Gann analysis Daily chart 

As discussed,  Bears will get active below 8010 for the Target of 7965/7920/7884/7848

Nasdaq close around 7884 almost targets achieved. This is the beauty of Gann analysis. When price and time meet, big move occurs.

Price perfectly followed Gann resistance and Big downside move occurs.
Downside Gann support is around 7776 to 7750

Nasdaq Spot One Hour Chart
Nasdaq Spot One Hour Chart

Positional analysis for Short Frame :

Bulls will get active above 7920 for the Target of  7965/8010

Bears will get active below 7848 for the Target of 7812/7776

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