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Banknifty 1st Aug Weekly Expiry Forecast
GBPUSD Triangle Pattern Breackout on Hourly Chart
Banknifty important levels for Expiry
US Oil Buy
GBP/JPY Weekly Target 127
Banknifty Technical Levels for 30th July
US OIL Triangle Pattern 28th July
EUR USD Buy 28th July
Banknifty Levels For 29th Monday
Does Banknifty Bounce from 29000 ?
Banknifty Chart Pattern for 24 July
Banknifty 23 July Levels
Banknifty 22 July analysis
EUR/AUD near Support
GBPUSD Chart Pattern
USD/INR 18th July analysis
Banknifty Spot 18th July Weekly Expiry Forecast
Nifty Bank levels for 17th July
Nifty50 Banknifty Chart Pattern -Weeklypaisa
Gold Future Chart Pattern 14th July
EUR/USD & AUD/CAD 14th July analysis
Nifty50 & Nifty Bank Weekly analysis  for 15th - 18th July
Will Nifty Bank sustain at higher level ?
SP500 & Nasdaq Forecast - Weeklypaisa
EUR/USD 11th July
Nasdaq SP500 Next Target 11 July
Nifty50 Banknifty 10th July Vedic Date analysis.
Nifty Bank & Nifty50 levels for tomorrow.
Gold Futures Sell Forecast on 7th July
EUR/USD Buy Gann Chart Analysis on 6th July
Crudeoil WTI Futures Buy for Next Week -  6 July
Nifty Bank Nifty50 technical analysis for 07 July
USD JPY Buy 05 July

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