Nifty Bank & Nifty50 levels for tomorrow.

Banknifty Gann analysis :

Banknifty Hourly Gann analysis 
As discussed, below Gann Support Bank Nifty may Sharp fall towards next Gann Support line.
In a single day caught next Gann Support which is around 30600.

Next support line comes around 29550 to 30,000 with respect to time as showing a yellow area on the chart.

Banknifty Weekly analysis :

Banknifty Weekly Channel
Banknifty Weekly Channel

A gap may fill within 90 Days as we have predicted, on 1st Aug 2019 can support between 29592 to 29448. Then the upward journey may start. 1st Aug 2019 is a Trend Change Date.

This Pattern will be nullified if Banknifty closes above 32000 on a weekly basis.

Banknifty Vedic Levels :

30600 is Vedic Number.

If Stay above 30600 Target 30960 31356

If Stay below 30600 Target 30240 29916

Banknifty Spot Intraday Levels for 09th July.

Sell below 30510  Target 30420  30330  30240

Buy above 30690  Target  30780 30870 30960

Nifty50 Gann Hourly Chart  :

Nifty50 Gann Chart
As discussed Nifty50 has broken Gann Support line. Today we see a big fall.

Nifty50 Spot Intraday Levels for 09th July.

Support      11538 11502 11466

Resistance  11646 11682 11718

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