Nifty50 Banknifty 10th July Vedic Date analysis.

Banknifty Gann analysis :

Bank Nifty Gann Hourly Chart
Bank Nifty Gann Hourly Chart

Banknifty Spot has faced resistance at 30700 as seen on the chart.
10th July is Vedic Date, It may show its effect on tomorrow or expiry.

Banknifty Vedic Levels :

30600 is Vedic Number.

If Stay above 30600 Target 30960 31356

If Stay below 30600 Target 30240 29916

Banknifty Spot Intraday Levels for 10th July.

Buy above 30690  Target  30780 30870 30960

Sell below 30420  Target  30330  30240 30159

Nifty50 Gann Hourly Chart analysis :

Nifty50 is near Gann Support and not close below Gann Line. 10th July is a Vedic date. It may show Big movement. Traders are advised to not trade against the price direction in the next 2 days.

Nifty50 Hourly Candlestick Chart
Nifty50 Hourly Candlestick Chart 

Nifty50 Spot Intraday Levels for 10th July.

Buy above 11574 Target 11610 11646 11682

Sell below 11502 Target 11466 11430 11403

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