GOLD Weekly Analysis for 14th – 21st Sept 2019

Gold Analysis of 

6:06 am
Friday, 13 September 2019
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Gold Hourly Chart analysis

Gold Hourly Chart
Gold Hourly Chart 
Gold Current Price 1497

On hourly Chart 1494 and 1488 is support. It is moving with Higher Low.

Target is 1524 -1527  & Bigger Target 1550 – 1555

If start to stay below 1488 than 1475 may see.

Gold (XAU/USD) Daily Chart analysis

Daily Chart
Daily Chart 
On Daily Chart Elliptical Pattern is forecasting whose Low is 1483 and High is 1555.

Gold has made an inverted hammer type Candle on a downtrend on Daily Chart.

Inverted Hammer Candle suggests Bulls get Control over Bear. 

Once can buy with the Stop loss Low 1483 for the Target of 1555.

Gold Weekly Chart analysis

Gold Weekly Chart
Gold Weekly Chart

On weekly Chart Three Bear Candle is formed. Friday is yet pending as time here is 6:06 am Friday, 13 September 2019 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

The shape of the weekly candle is forming like Doji if today’s Close near 1508.
Doji is suggesting neither Bull nor Bear won the battle. But it is also suggested that Bulls get control over the bear as it is formed in downtrend.

Gap Up opening on Monday will confirmation of Bull Trend continuing....

Gold Vedic Analysis

Gold Vedic Number
Gold Vedic Number 

Gold Vibration Number 1483,1502,1521,1541 for Next week.

Price will try to move from one Number to another number by support or Resistance.

If stay above 1502 Target 1521
If Stay below 1502 Target 1483

Same for all numbers.

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