Gold Weekly analysis for 30th - 5th Oct

Gold Daily Chart 

As Discussed in Last Analysis, Gold Price is moving between Box High 1512 & Low 1500. On the hourly chart, it needs to close above 1512 for the Target of 1525 to 1534. If Close below 1500 on the hourly chart then it may move towards 1488.

Bears were able to do 1488 below 1500. Bulls need to protect 1483 Vedic number for this uptrend to continue towards 1525,1555. 

Now Bulls need a close above 1502 for up move to continue towards 1512/1525/1534.
Bears will get active below 1493 for a move back to 1488/1483/1475.

Gold Head & Shoulder Pattern on Daily Chart
Gold Head & Shoulder Pattern on Daily Chart 

Holding 1483 Neckline of Head & Shoulder Pattern, we can see the rally continue towards 1525/1555

Gold Support Resistance Line Patterns  

Hourly Chart

Gold Fibonacci Channel 

Gold Fibonacci Channel
Gold Fibonacci Channel 

Self Explanatory chart.

Gold Supply And Demand Analysis 

Gold Supply Demand
Gold Supply Demand 
Self Explanatory chart.

Gold Gann Angles 

Gold Hourly chart took exact support at Gann Angles and bounced back.
Gold Gann Support 1488-1500
Below 1488 next Support 1469-1475
Gold Gann Resistance: 1534-1551

Gold Gann Dates

Gold As per Vedic analysis 28 Sep/4 Oct is Pressure date , impulsive move can be seen around these dates.

Gold Weekly Vedic Levels

Gold Trend Deciding Level: 1502

Gold  Resistance: 1521,1541,1556

Gold Support:1483,1464,1452

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