Gold XAU/USD Next week 14th to 18th Oct, 1464 or 1502 ?

Gold Weekly Strategy 

Gold XAUUSD Vedic Chart
XAU/USD Vedic Chart 
As we discussed, below 1502 Bears will get active for Target of 1492 1483 1475.
All Targets did. 

Gold made low around 1474. we recommended on Telegram Channel  Buy around 1475.

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For next week Gold Vedic Price is 1483

14th Oct is Gold Vedic Date. We may see a Big move on 14th Oct, the accuracy of ± 1 Day.

Above 1483 Bulls will try to move towards 1494 1502 1512 1521

Below 1483 Bears will get active for 1475 1464 1454

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