US Dollar Index XAU/USD and S&P500 Technical Analysis for 6th Nov

Dollar Index :

Dollar Index
Dollar Index 

As discussed in the last analysis, Dollar Index is near Gann Support: 97.30. It may bounce towards 97.80.

It may see strength above 98.02  for the Target of 98.72

S&P 500 Spot :

US500 Spot
US500 Spot

As discussed, S&P 500 ready for a Big move around 4th Nov

We have seen Big Gap Up on 4th Nov. 


Bulls need a close above 3081 for the target of 3090/3099/3109. 

Bears need a close below 3053 for the Target of 3045/3036/3027.  

Buy on deep is a strategy for the S&P 500

Positional Buy near 3072 & 3063

Intraday 6th Nov Levels :

Buy above 3072 Target 3081 3090

Sell below  3063 Target 3059 3054

XAU/USD Spot :

Fibonacci retracement levels of High and Low , 1536 and 1459 is

78.6% at 1519 which is a crucial resistance for Bull.

On Daily Chart Hanging man candle was seen. Which is a sign of trend reversal?

The downtrend will confirm as we close below 1509 on 4-hour chart.  

Bulls need to close above 1519 for the next upper levels.

Bears will try to push towards 1495 below 1509.

XAU/USD Spot Gann Fann
XAU/USD Spot Gann Fann

XAU/USD Fibonacci
XAU/USD Fibonacci 

Gann Resistance is at 1490 & 1497

Gann Support is at 1478

Bears will get active in the zone  of 1490-1498 for the Target of 1478

Bulls will get active above 1502 for the Target of 1509 1514

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