DXY USDollar Index Technical Support Resistance on Multi Time frame

DXY Weekly :

DXY Weekly Chart
DXY Weekly Chart 
Weekly Trendline breakout seen on chart at 97.77 on weekly chart. Bulls will try to move towards 98.40 previous weekly resistance.

DXY Daily :

DXY Daily Chart
DXY Daily Chart 

Daily Support around 97.74 and resistance 97.77. It seems Bulls will get activate above 98.17
Inverted Hammer was seen on Daily chart which will be nullified above 98.17.

US Dollar Index 4 Hour Fibonacci :

1st wave started from 96.36 and 3rd wave ending at 97.73.
Fibonacci extension 78.6% of 96.36 to 97.73( 0 to 3rd Wave) is around 98.45 and 61.8% is at 98.23.
Alert near this level as we are in 5th wave.

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