XAU/USD Wave Analysis_24th Jan 2020


XAU/USD Wave Analysis
XAU/USD Wave Analysis

As Discussed, https://www.weeklypaisa.com/2020/01/xauusd-gold-3rd-impulse-wave-target-1575.html

Correction of 1st Impulse Wave (2nd wave ) is completed at 1546 and a Lower degree of 3rd wave has been started. 1st impulse of 3rs wave is as mention (1) is completed at 1559 and correction seems finished at 1550. Impulse 3rd wave is started of 3rd wave higher Degree.It may finish at 1575.

Presently Gold at1561.20 and moving in Lower Channel . Channel Break out above 1562 .Lower degree 3rd Impulse wave will start above 1562 which will complete around 1575.

Buy above 1562 
SL 1557
Target 1568/1571/1575

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