Bitcoin BTC/USD Wave Analysis - 29th March 2020

BTC/USD Elliott Wave Analysis:

BTC/USD Elliott Wave
BTC/USD Elliott Waves
 Higher Time Frame Bitcoin is in WXY correction Pattern. Bitcoin is in C wave of "Y" wave.

C wave has Five tiny waves and we are in 5th wave of this Five Tiny wave 12345 which will complete between 3000-4000

Let's see lower Time frame 15 Min.

BTC/USD 15 Min
BTC/USD 15 Min 

On 15 Min Chart Trendline was broken on the previous day. It may see trending move in next day as we entered in 3rd Impulse wave of Five Tiny Waves. 

Bears have full control below 6000 for the Target of 5235/4900
Bulls will active only above 6900 for the Upper Targets 7200. 

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