EUR/GBP Trend Reversal Trade - 3rd April 2020


EUR/GBP 4Hr Chart
EUR/GBP 4Hr Chart 

  • We can on EUR/GBP 4 Hr chart ABC correction is completed at 0.87400 after Five Impulse wave 12345.
  •  ABC Correction is simple Flate Correction Pattern so Wave C is around 123% of A wave. 
Now Lets we start to counting Tiny wave of new Impulse wave 1 on a Lower degree time frame.

EUR/GBP 5min Chart 

On EUR/GBP 5 Min Chart , Entry between 0.87600-0.87800 for the Target of 0.88850.


4:57 pm
Friday, 3 April 2020
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) CMP 0.88200 Entry @ 0.87600-0.87800 SL 0.87300 TP 0.88850

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