German DAX Index Elliott Wave Analysis - 15th April 2020

DAX Elliott Wave :

DAX 4 Hr Elliott Wave Analysis
DAX 4 Hr Elliott Wave Analysis 

Five Impulse Wave 12345 unfolded from 8260 to 10770

ABC Correction is going on. It may Flat or Zig-Zag. If A wave will be folded in 3 sab wave then it will be flat and 5 sab wave will be zig-Zag.

After knowing the flat or Zig-Zag correction we will forecast B wave end. B wave will end near the starting of A wave if the pattern is flat & 38.2 to 50% retracement of A wave if the pattern is Zig-Zag.

After confirmation of the end of B wave, Enter for Sell trade with SL of Above A wave & Target with Fibonacci Ratio to A wave.

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