Gold XAU/USD Technical Analysis 7th April 2020 (Forex Trading by Elliott Wave Analysis)

XAU/USD Elliott Wave Analysis :

XAU/USD Elliott Wave
XAU/USD Elliott Wave 

Where we are ??

On Higher Time Frame we are in a 5th Wave "V" which is started from 1559 and continuing.

If we try to count waves inside V wave then it is 1234 and 5th is either pending or it may fail 5th wave. 5th may complete between 1655-1690.

After completion 5th wave, correction in the form of ABC will appear so we are ready to sell but we will wait for an opportunity to sell near completion of wave B.

First, we will count the Tiny sub-waves of A wave and B wave. After confirmation of the completion of B wave, we will Sell with SL of above the High of the B wave.

Wait and watch in coming days where A and B waves will unfold.


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