Nasdaq100 Elliott Wave Analysis

NDX100 :

Nasdaq100 Elliott wave Analysis
Nasdaq100 Elliott wave Analysis 

After completion of Five Impulse move , ABC correction was unfolded.

First ABC correction range is 9732 - 6781. This is a 5-3-5 Zig- Zag Correction. This ABC Correction we can label as a W also .

Second ABC  Retracement is going on and we are in a C wave which is not yet completed.
Lets Zoom C Wave.

So you can see on chart C wave has sub 5 impulse Wave. Wave i started in 7412. & we are in a "v" wave of C wave. Lets try to forecast the end of the "v" wave.

1. if V wave extends up to 38.2% of wave i to iii then Target is 8375
2. if V wave extends up to 61.8% of wave i to iii then Target is 8579

Next Trade: Wait for the completion of V wave and sell with SL ( Above High of V wave)
Target is 50% off the entire move of C wave. See the below chart for Target strategy.

Important things is Count sub-waves of wave "v" and take the after completion of tiny five waves of wave "v".

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