Nifty Sell Target 8450 - 9th April 2020

Nifty Hourly Chart :

Nifty Hourly Chart

Nifty Elliott Wave
Nifty Elliott Wave 

Impulse Wave started from 8050 to 9150 has been completed and we are in a ABC correction waves.

A and B is completed Now we are in a C wave. So where will complete C wave.

Lets forecast.

Correction of A wave is around 78.6% which is Top of B wave 9025 A  and B waves are 3-3 wave structure so Pattern is Flate 3-3-5.

If we count from fibonacci then C wave atleast 138% of A wave which will complete around 8450.
So our Target is 8450

Sell Nifty CMP 8921
SL 9150
TP 8450 

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