S&P 500 and Nasdaq100 Elliott Wave analysis - 14th April 2020

S&P500 Elliott Wave Analysis :

S&P 500 Elliott Wave Analysis
S&P 500 Elliott Wave Analysis 

Impulse Wave 1 and Wave 3 was completed.

Correction Wave 2 was 50% retracement of Wave 1.

Now we are in a "abc" correction of 3rd wave & c wave of this correction is going on.

C wave Forecast :

i)  If c = a than Target is 2905
ii) If 4th wave is 61.8% of 3rd wave then abc will complete at 2936

So between 2905 - 2936 abc pattern may be unfolded and we may see a fresh 5 waves downfall.

Nasdaq 100 Index Elliott wave Analysis:

As we discussed, Nasdaq100 Elliott Wave Analysis  we may see 8579 Target .

We have to notice that we are in a 3rd wave (iii) of c wave ( In previous analysis we have mentioned we are in V wave but as we can see the move is very fast and impulse so still we are in a 3rd move).

So still the Bulls have control over the market till we are in a 3rd & 5th wave of C wave.

Forex Analysis : 

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