Gold XAU/USD Elliott Wave Analysis Target 1771- 16th May 2020


Gold XAU/USD 1H Elliott Wave
Gold XAU/USD 1H Elliott Wave 
As discussed, Title Link - http://Gold XAU/USD Road Map for 1790 Elliott Wave Analysis - 8th May 2020  On 4 Hour Time frame we can see 12345 tiny waves of 5th wave.
up to the 4 sub-waves has been unfolded and we are in a 5th sub-wave of 5th higher degree wave.

As on 15th May, gold makes high of 1752 and correction of sub waves is running. Correction might complete near 1739 or 1731 as shown in detail 5 min chart as below.

Gold 5 Min Elliott Waves
Gold 5 Min Elliott Waves 

As shown in chart 5th wave is running and Target of 5th wave is 1771 or 1790.



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