Gold XAU/USD Road Map for 1790 Elliott Wave Analysis - 8th May 2020

Gold Big Picture on Weekly Time Frame :

Gold Big Picture on Weekly Chart 

As discussed in the Previous Article :

As we are in a 5th Wave on Higher Degree & 5th wave was started from 1453.

Sub waves of 5th wave as 12345 and we are in a 4th wave complex correction as describe as WXYXZ.

As I mention this 4th Sub wave complex correction was end at 1682 if this analysis going to happen then we may see the higher level as 1710/1722/1741/1771

Let's go inside the 5th wave :

Gold 4 Hour Time Frame wave counting 

On 4 Hour Time frame we can see 12345 tiny waves of 5th wave.
up to the 4 sub-waves has been unfolded and we are in a 5th sub-wave of 5th higher degree wave.

Let's try to count Five tiny waves of Sub-wave five on the lower time frame. 

Gold 30 Min wave analysis 

As above Gold 30 Min chart, Final Target is 1790 if Gold stay above 1705.

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