Gold XAU/USD Demand Zone 1801-1807 - Elliott Wave 9th July

Gold XAU/USD Waves :

As discussed,

FIve Impulse Waves (i, ii, iii, iv,v) of the 5th Wave is running.

Sub wave III is going on. Inside of the III wave, there are Tiny five waves. We are in a Tiny 4th wave correctio stage which will be in the Range 1818 to 1807/1801. Tiny 3rd wave was 661.8% of 1st wave as seen above chart.

So we may see downfall up to 1807 or 1801 and end of this tiny 5th  wave is between 1824-1838 where the sub-wave III will be completed.

Points to Note :

Bulls will active in the Zone 1801-1807 for the Target of 1824-1838.

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