Gold XAU/USD Price Forecast on 15th July 2020

XAU/USD Elliott Waves :

As we discussed, gold has completed five waves at 1790 and new wave started.

Gold Analysis today
Gold Elliott Wave Analysis 

New wave is either X of (WXYXZ) or new five impulses of the Higher degree.
it has fabricated tiny five inside the I wave and ABC Correction is going on.
C wave of the correction may complete around 1800. or at end of the A wave we already completed correction and we are in a 3rd wave.

But the probability of one more down leg is major because correction has not taken sufficient time. So maybe tomorrow (16th July ) we see 1800 level and Friday Bulls will active.

17th July Big Move date also as per the Vedic Date.

 Note :

Buy at lower Levels only: Near 1800-1804
SL 1790

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