Will Gold Sustain near 1800 ?

Gold Elliott Wave forecast :

As Discussed Gold Wave Correction Range 1807-1789  and we have seen nice fall up to 1793 and the market closed near 1798.

Gold Elliott Waves
Gold wave analysis 

As seen in the chart gold is in a C wave and five tine waves is going to unfold.
4th wave is triangle correction and 5th wave is started.

5th wave may complete between 1774-1790.
if we consider 5th wave is extended 161.8% of wave 1st then 1774 may see.

if C wave is considered between 123.6-138.2% of "a"  Wave then we may see 1787-1784 as below.

Gold Fibonacci levels
Gold Fibonacci Levels


Bulls will active in 1775-1785 for the Target of 1800/1807/1812 

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