Gold elliott wave analysis for 28th Sep

 Gold Wave Analysis :

As we discussed, Gold XAU/USD Correction is near to end ? Now 4th wave of c wave is in progress and it may complete between 1875-1891

and 5th wave may complete between 1840 - 1820.

After completion of this entire 4th wave correction as abc , we should see a new all-time high within the next few weeks.

Gold 4th wave Forecast :

Gold elliott wave

4th wave abc correction is running .

C wave of 4th wave forecast :

1) Fibonacci 100% of "a" wave is @ 1880 , 123% @1887 and 161.8% @1898

2) 38.2% Fibonacci of whole 3rd wave is @ 1891

So between 1880 - 1898 is possible to end of 4th wave correction and 5th wave may start for Target of 1840.

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