Gold XAU/USD ABC Correction is over at 1848 ?

 As discussed

ABC correction might completed @ 1887 and 5th wave of the C wave was equal to 3rd wave so it is extended 5th wave .

New 5th wave impulse on higher timeframe started from 1887 as below 

Price going up above 1887 and we need to re-count the waves.

Let's see the chart ,

Gold elliott wave

C wave subwaves as 12345 and one possibilities that five sub-waves of C wave is completed @ 1848 and 5th wave of Higher Degree is started from1848.

New impulse wave count,

Gold Elliott wave

Tiny five waves of 1st wave of wave 5th are running. wave III is expected Fibonacci 161.8/223.6 is @ 1910/1928.

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