S&P500 :

Supply & Demand 4H Chart:


Supply Zone: 3416-3427

Demand Zone: 3297-3316

Elliott Wave Analysis 15Min :

After the First leg of Zig-Zag Correction (3590-3297), Retracement of this leg is going on.

C leg of Complex ABC Correction is in progress if price stays above 3297. C wave might be completed around 100 -123.6% Fibonacci levels

Alternate scenario: If Price start to trade below 3297 then we may see fresh down impulse of second Zig-Zag Leg 

Buy Above 3354 Tgt 3374,3414 and 3453 (S&P500 Spot Levels)

Sell Below 3310 Tgt 3291,3279 and 3254 (S&P500 Spot Levels)

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