Gold developing a leading diagonal ?

 As discussed, Is it the right time to buy a gold?  

4th Correction wave: Shallow 23.6% correction unfolded as we have forecasted after completion of deep 2nd wave. So then we assume that 4th wave completed @ 1848 and the new 5th impulse wave started.

Now for 1st wave of 5th wave may be a leading diagonal or normal fifth wave pattern .

If 4th wave will penetrate 1st wave then it will consider as a Leading diagonal triangle .lets see the chart ,

We can see 4th wave penetrate 1st wave and each motive wave (1 & 3) has five tiny waves.

so 1890-1895 will be the 4th wave and 1945 will be the 5th wave.

The bullish trend is still intaking. 

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