US30 Complex correction - 14th Oct

 As discussed, US30 4th wave shallow correction is buying opportunity ?

On higher time frame 3rd wave or C wave: Started from 27240 and subwaves as 12345 is under progress. 

Subwave 4th wave correction is under progress. as per the Elliott alternation rules, 2nd wave wad deep correction so we may see shallow correction either 23.6% or 38.2% around 28650 / 28450 

After completion of 4th wave, we will discuss on 5th wave forecast. 


US30 Elliott wave

IV wave correction flat correction as showing on the chart may possible. 28450-28550 is support for next upward rally.

Bulls will hold 28450 for the Target of 29000

Bears will try to close below 28450.

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