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I am Bharat Kumar from India, and I'm a Mechanical Engineer, working in an Engineering Company.My passion for market analysis inspired me to create a blog to educate new beginners & people who continuous making loss.

I have started trading in 2008. Many ups and downs have seen but spiritual of God also in my mind somewhere which strikes me regularly.

I see towards the sky when I upset and think how this beautiful universe is created and why it is so systematic. If System is there, then creator also there. After a deep reading of Bhagavad Geeta, I realize "TIME" is leading this universe.

I have applied time to market analysis base on Vedic time theory and found it worked. Everything on the planet, whether it's the live or dead influence of the time.
Most of the people is failing in the market because they are fighting with time. Time is very strong, you can not beat it.

The market will go where it has to go with its own time. You cannot shift it where you want. 
Even you can not change anyone's time in this universe. Everyone is affected by their own "Karma."

So, in short, we should know the future to beat the market, but unfortunately, we don't know the future, right?? It is not true, we know everything which is happening or will happen. The thing is we have to do 
Meditation. Meditation is everything.

Thanking You. 

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